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2001 Christoph Doswald, 51 Views of Mount Matterhorn, (Deutsch)

Das Paradigma der „Gewaltentrennung“ von Kunst und Ökonomie hat sich seit der Aufklärung bis weit ins 20. Jahrhundert hinein gehalten. Das Erhabene könne nur unabhängig vom Weltlichen entstehen, so lautete der Leitsatz ganzer Generationen von Malern und Bildhauern. „Künstlerische Freiheit“ wurde fern von Politik und Wirtschaft fast ausnahmslos im Atelier praktiziert. Und nahm sich trotzdem [...]

2001 Christoph Doswald, 51 views of Mount Matterhorn

The “separation of powers” between art and economics is a paradigm that persisted from the Enlightenment well into the latter part of the 20th century. Entire generations of painters and sculptors were guided by the principle that the sublime could only arise independently of the secular. “Artistic freedom” was practised far away from politics and [...]

1999 Corothea Strauss, Crawling Desires

They say that Nic Hess has already lived in Mexico, in Tibet, in Amsterdam, in Berlin. Hes is currently living in Zurich. This has had a profound Influence on him, they say. And it may very well be true. It may all be true – or not. Invented dreams are, after all, just as real [...]

2000 Elizabeth Finch, The Global Alchemist

The Global Alchemist Elizabeth Finch  January 2000
To create his installations Nic Hess pairs two unlikely materials-Charcoaldrawings and adhesive tape. Sooty, smudgy , and forgiving, charcoal is arguably the most elemental of drawing materials capable or rendering a dramatic range of effects through singular means. Unlike charcoal’s messy character and masterful history, adhesive tape is [...]

2009, Robert Summers, Drawing Installation

Hess: Drawing-Installation
Robert Summers
Nic Hess is an artist who actively performs a reversal-displacement of various artistic practices and genres: drawing, painting, sculpting, collage, site-specificity and installation art are all re-worked.  Hess’s art “redistributes the sensible” in that it aesthetically—which is also to say politically—disrupts and reconfigures the “common of the community”.[i] Drawing from “fine art” and [...]